Star Trek Deep Space Nine Abridged: Dominion War Edition Watching List

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Abridged: Dominion War Edition Watching List

I like Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and want to watch it. But there are several problems:

(1) I don’t want to commit the time to watch 176 episodes

(2) I’ve seen about a third of DS9 already but not in any particular order, so watching would be annoying as I encounter repeat episodes

and (3) quite a few episodes aren’t really all that good. Thus I wanted to focus on the good stuff — the war with the Dominion.

So I’ve put together this 35 episode watch list that has all the episodes that involve the Dominion.

Watching it requires basic familiarity with the show, its characters, and general premise, because it skips a lot of exposition to get right to the war. Additionally, some aspects of the show will be jumpy (people are harmed and then suddenly fine, people are pregnant and suddenly not, people are suddenly in romantic relationships, etc.) because many episodes are being skipped.

But if you’re fine with all of that and just want to watch the Dominion War unfold, feel free to follow along with me with this watch list:

  • S1E01: Emissary, Part I
  • S1E02: Emissary, Part II
  • S1E12: Vortex
  • S2E12: The Alternate
  • S2E26: The Jem’Hadar
  • S3E01: The Search, Part I
  • S3E02: The Search, Part II
  • S3E20: Improbable Cause
  • S3E21: The Die is Cast
  • S3E26: The Adversary
  • S4E11: Homefront
  • S4E12: Paradise Lost
  • S4E26: Broken Link
  • S5E01: Apocalypse Rising
  • S5E02: The Ship
  • S5E05: The Assignment
  • S5E14: In Purgatory’s Shadow
  • S5E15: By Inferno’s Light
  • S5E26: Call to Arms
  • S6E01: A Time to Stand
  • S6E04: Behind the Lines
  • S6E05: Favor the Bold
  • S6E06: Sacrifice of Angels
  • S6E19: In The Pale Moonlight
  • S6E26: Tears of the Prophets
  • S7E01: Image in the Sand
  • S7E02: Shadows and Symbols
  • S7E06: Treachery, Faith, and the Great River
  • S7E08: The Siege of AR-558
  • S7E09: Covenant
  • S7E16: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges
  • S7E17: Penumbra
  • S7E18: ‘Til Death Do Us Part
  • S7E19: Strange Bedfellows
  • S7E20: The Changing Face of Evil
  • S7E21: When It Rains…
  • S7E22: Tacking into the Wind
  • S7E23: Extreme Measures
  • S7E24: The Dogs of War
  • S7E25: What You Leave Behind, Part I
  • S7E26: What You Leave Behind, Part II